Start with trust.

Create an organic reach by leveraging the power of friends and family.

Influencer marketing done different.

Build More
We all trust our friends and family more than any advertising. We leverage that power.
Lowest Cost
We have the lowest rates compared to any other influencer marketing service.
Our team will guide you through the entire process and help you manage your campaigns.

Our platform is designed for the utmost automation to save you resources and time.

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More Likely
Potential customers are more likely to convert from nano influencers compared to larger ones.
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More Trust
Consumers trust nano influencers more over any other form of advertising.
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More Engagement
Nano influencers have more engagement rates compared to larger influencers.

How Does Mulary Work?

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Campaign Initiation

Put together the targets and budget for your campaign to organize your ads all in one place.

Advertisement iconAdvertisement icon for website, application, printing, document, poster design, etc.

Ad Setup

Setup your ads under the campaign to reach your targets and stay on budget while targeting different audiences.

Influencer Match

The platform will analyze the audiences of potential influencers and pick the best for your target audience.


Live Reporting

Track your campaign live as the influencers start posting your ad on their profiles.


Performance Analysis

Your ad will be automatically closed off when your target and budget is reached. Review the performance on the platform.

Get Started With Mulary

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